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More about KaizenBayu

My simple aim through KaizenBayu is to try and help you unlock and reach your own potential.

Who is KaizenBayu?

I am a Director at a large global firm, with responsibility of hiring and managing a team of 50 highly motivated and ambitious professionals. My career to date has spanned many cities in Europe, most notably London and Dublin where I am involved in the Financial Services industry. 

Before my current role, I have worked in a number of investment banks and my client base includes everything from large and small corporates, tech start-ups, Fintechs, Private Equity firms and State/Government institutions. 

On my journey to where I am today, I like you perhaps have had my fair share of successes and set-backs most of which have taught me a valuable lesson or two!!

I hope that by sharing my own experiences and my journey to date will prove to be of some value to you. I have benefitted hugely from a number of mentors sharing their highs and lows with me - and I hope that I can give back some of my own learnings in return.

Thank you for your time and for visiting! 


Image by Fab Lentz
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